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YA Literature Forums, by Dragon*Con YA Lit Track

(Moderators, please let me know if this post is acceptable; if not, I will speedily remove it. Thank you.)

Dear YA Lit enthusiasts,

We at the Dragon*Con Young Adult Literature track would like to announce our next evolution--we've developed forums! Our forums will be the primary location for the most up-to-date con/YA Lit news, a place to ask questions about the track, panels, and guests--including ya_fsf_con's own Tamora Pierce--and to talk to each other and share your literary fandom excitement. We would love to see the forums develop into a year-round venture where we can talk about the latest YA developments as well as discuss the convention.

The forums can be found at:

Just go to the forum site above, click Register, and set up your account. If you have any trouble with this, please let me know.

SPECIAL NOTE: This year we will be making YA Lit Track T-shirts available before the con; please feel free to indicate your interest in the T-shirt forum if you'd like to participate. Additionally, we're looking for a few good witches and wizards who'd like to assist with making our Yule Ball spectacular this year--please let us know if you're interested in the Volunteers forum.

Once again, that's for access to all things D*C YA Lit. It's folks like yourselves who are the reason for all we do, so we look forward to taking this next step together and sharing our fandom further.

Hoping to see you there soon,

Karen Smith
(Theodora on forums)
D*C YA Lit Staffer

FYI: Given my lovely sense of timing, the site is down until about 3am EDT, but please don't let that deter you.

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