Wayne Borean (urban_terrorist) wrote in ya_fsf_con,
Wayne Borean

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Hey neat

Wow - what a great idea! I'd love to see this happen - read tons of Andre Norton when I was a kid, and am still re-reading it though I'm over 50.

But I'd like to complicate your life.

This isn't "A" convention. This is a family of conventions, held at different times, in several major cities. If you hold a single convention it will have a very limited impact. The problem is at least North American in area - probably worldwide. What should be put together is a skeleton, on which local artists/writers/attendees can add their own variations.

And if there is one held in Toronto, I'll probably volunteer. I've worked Ad Astra, Toronto Trek, FilKONtario, and Torcon 3 in the past.


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